There’s no denying that our Arabian Collection is in a league of its own. Primed to be a premium gift for luxury chocolate connoisseurs every detail of this exquisite product has been painstakingly crafted to ensure an elevated experience.

The Arabian Collection by TGCThe Story

A consistent thread of thought runs through our premium range of products with the overarching ethos being, ‘to create a product that is superior in quality, taste and vision. The answer therein lies in the artistry implemented into all our products. The Arabian Collection derives its inspiration from the glittering Qasr Al Wattan; also known as The Presidential Palace. The TGC team delved into the intricate detailing present within the palace to envision a dream of sunrays against crystal chandeliers, elegant calligraphy across domes and the geometric combinations of circles, lozenges, arches and stars on ceilings and columns. The result? An immaculately opulent box of white, blue and gold compartmentalized to house each flavour of chocolate. Much like the many layers of detailing within the Qasr Al Wattan, the box offers an inimitable spirit of grandeur with an inlaid compartment that is removable for repurposability.

Rose Creme flavour by The Goodness CompanyThe Flavours

Coinciding with the creation of the box we worked on the flavours. Each flavour is organically inspired by the opulence of Arabia, its heritage and its culture.


Rose Crème rich with Bulgarian rose oil

Pistachio & Saffron fragrantly blended pistachios and saffron in decadent chocolate

Pistachio Crème crushed and amplified by exquisite chocolate

Hazelnut with a delightful crackle amidst smooth cocoa

Almond with a flavoursome blend.

Khaleeji Qahwa combines robust Arabian coffee with exquisite cocoa to create a fragrantly delicious chocolate

These flavours were crafted using traditional Swiss recipes blended with the local date fruit for sweetness, with no preservatives and no added sugar. Individually hand wrapped in shades luxuriant metallic’s this one of a kind creation is the perfect gift for Ramadan.


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